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Spanish Learning Tips and Tricks

Learn Spanish Fast and Enjoy while you learn:

1. Perfection doesn’t exist.
Don’t push yourself so hard that you will burn out. Be patient with your brain, your human computer is trying its best. Take one step at a time. You can’t play good the guitar if you don’t play. Be consistent, have passion, and patience.

2. Speak as much as you can. Don't be shy. The more you practice, the more and faster progress you will make. Make sure you get  the corrections you need. Listen to the corrections. Repeat the corrections!!!
You don’t want your brain to built wrong patterns, errors and habits. It will be much harder to rewire the info and habits again.

3. Read a lot in Spanish. All you read should be in Spanish. Change your books from English to Spanish.

- New to Spanish? find books that are easy to read, and they are in both languages Spanish and English.

4. If you want to understand others better you need to listen a lot. Watch movies in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles. At the beginning you should stop when you don’t understand, and check the translation in the dictionary. If you don’t stop, those words are going to come back.
If you do this for 3 months, at least 30-40 minutes every-day of a series or movie (not the total time that is going to take you) We warranty you, you will be able to break through the understanding part.
- Find a good catching movie/series, for example Gran Hotel, or choose your own.
- After that new words will always appear, that is normal in every language.

5. Audiobooks and Podcasts are an excellent way to learn Spanish. Your brain will memorize by the association of the phrases, and you will naturally copy the pronunciation.

- Listen and sing songs.

6. Associate and write down the new words to help you memorize better and faster. Write a lot. Make flashcards. Say and read the words aloud. Record yourself. Don’t be scared, the goal here is for you to improve, and be better at it.

7. Try to learn and practice when you aren’t tired or hungry.




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