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Private classes enable you to make your own schedule and have faster progress since you are the only student at a time. Private and semi-private (2 students max) Spanish classes are adapted to your learning style, your needs and objectives.

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 Certified Native Professional Instructors with advanced degrees, several years of teaching experience, and they all share a passion for teaching.

Private Spanish Classes ONLINE

available in San Diego

Immersion classes are focused on conversation, we want our students to speak from the very First Day, and we add the needed grammar for each student. Our classes are and have been structured from the start, adding grammar in a fun way, and classes are extremely effective!

Package Discounts


$38 per hour * 40 hours * $1,520  Book Now

without discount $55/hr $2,200

$42 per hour * 20 hours * $840  Book Now

without discount $55/hr $1,100

$49 for one hour * 4 hours * $196   Book Now

without discount $55/hr $220

$55 for one hour  Book Now


+3% Paypal fee
Venmo available
Add $10/hr for a second student
We accept cash, check, and credit cards. All classes are prepaid and payments are non-refundable. 
Classes may be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to class time without penalty.
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Private Spanish Classes for Adults, and Teenagers


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