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Fun Conversations with Grammar

*  Spanish Immersion for Adults *

Group Classes: 3 - 7 students * 90 mins

Limited spaces

ZOOM Pacific Time

ONLINE  2020 - 2021
Do You Want to Speak and Understand SPANISH?
Communicate at a basic level
50% Conversation 50% Syntax
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Novice Spanish in simple contexts
70% Conversation 30% Syntax
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Independent, spontaneous
80% Conversation 20% Syntax


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Register for these classes and you will speak with the other students, and learn how to use the Present, Past, Future tenses in conversation. You will gain a lot of confidence as you will start getting control of the language.

2 weeks $63/monthly

4 weeks $126/monthly


Package of 6 weeks $199

Package of 8 weeks $256

Package of 11 weeks $349

+3%PayPal fee

The Immersion classes: We focus on conversation, students speak from the very First Day, and we add the needed grammar for each student. Our classes are and have been structured from the start, adding grammar in a fun way, and classes are extremely effective!

Ongoing Classes All Year Round
Text or Call (760) 529-1397
Level 1 & 2 get your book Easy Spanish Step by Step before class.
Do you want to learn faster? Become Fluent in 3 months



Online Spanish Immersion Classes one-to-one.

Spanish Tutoring for adults, teenagers, and children (+8 years old).

We love teaching conversational & Spanish Immersion. It is a true sign of success when our students excel to the point of speaking Spanish while at the same time thinking in Spanish.

  1. Learn Spanish at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, at the comfort and safety of your home/office.

  2. All levels welcome.

  3. Certified native professional teachers with advanced degrees.

  4. We use the same Immersion techniques for our services including online classes.

  5. You will have much faster progress as you won't share your time with others. Also you won't copy others' mistakes.

  6. Homework is given, and techniques to faster progress!

Package Discounts

$38 per hour * 40 hours * $1,520  Book Now

without discount $55/hr $2,200

$42 per hour * 20 hours * $840  Book Now

without discount $55/hr $1,100

$49 for one hour * 4 hours * $196   Book Now

without discount $55/hr $220


$55 for one hour  Book Now


+3% Paypal fee
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Add $10/hr for a second student
We accept cash, check, and credit cards. All classes are prepaid and payments are non-refundable. 
Classes may be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to class time without penalty.
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"Use It or Lose It!"

Spanish Conversational Lessons for Everyone

For all your needs... keep with your practice!


Classes for individuals, travel, family, or just to learn & practice with a native teacher.


Spanish Conversational starting at $15/month


Take your Spanish to the next level with our engaging and amazingly effective language program.



* Corrections from the teacher

* Share your experience with other students

* Ask questions to other students

* Great communication to make the world better


What you need:

* Think ahead of the various things you can talk about

* Bring motivation

* Don't be afraid of making mistakes, accepting errors is part of the process

* Bring laugh, love and positive energy


Registration: Membership starting at $15/month

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All our services follow the same Immersion Method.



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