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Our Immersion classes are to improve your speaking and listening skills in Spanish in a relaxed and natural way.


During the classes, you'll have the opportunity to practice conversation on various subjects of interest. The Immersion classes are fun and effective and are guided by experienced native instructors who will correct mistakes, explain grammar and usage whenever necessary and highlight essential vocabulary for effective communication in Spanish.


We use various tools in order for you to learn fast and properly, you will be guided step by step. Conversation isn't enough, we don't want you to speak with random verbs. We want other people to understand what you are saying, and also for you to understand Spanish!


Classes are so interesting that you will not only learn Spanish but also you will get to know many interesting people and talk about many interesting things.


The best way to learn Spanish and reinforce your language skills is to have a total immersion in the foreign language, and you don't have to travel outside the country to get this. We specialize in teaching students to become bilingual!


These specific programs are the best to learn Spanish in a efficient, relaxed and fun way. We are experienced native instructors so your learning is better than if you were in a foreign country!


Customized Spanish Immersion Programs for your profession: Medical, Religious, Business, Travel, Social Workers, Teachers, Police, Fire Fighters, Military, Real State, Banking, Lawyers, Academic, Hotel, Retail, Secretaries, Court Staff, Dentist, Government Employees, Apartment Management, Computer, Sales, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Exam Preparation and more.
Imagine the advantage you will have as a job candidate when companies see that you speak Spanish?

Our Spanish immersion classes offer a unique learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. We believe that real-life practice is essential, and that's why we are committed to taking the Spanish language into everyday life. During our in-person classes, we explore parks, visit iconic places, and enjoy outdoor walks, all while immersing ourselves in the language. In addition, our outings to authentic Mexican restaurants allow us to savor delicious cuisine and practice what we've learned in class in a real-world setting. Through these experiences outside the school building, our students not only gain fluency in Spanish but also a deeper appreciation of Hispanic culture and community. Come and join us for an immersive learning experience like no other! For In-person classes we recommend Intermediate or Advanced levels.

  • You will learn dialogues to help you get around in the most common situations.

  • Acquire and develop the confidence to communicate in Spanish.

  • Personalized classes depending on your needs and goals.

  • For travelers: Teachers will help you prepare for and plan your trip to Latin America or Spain.

Where to stay?
For Intensive Immersion courses here you will find where to stay, and rates from $40 per day, walking distance:  $62 (0.4 miles) Address: 1006 Carlsbad Village Dr. Carlsbad, CA $59 (1 mile) Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 3666 Pio Pico Dr, Carlsbad
More Hotels (0.4 miles) 1050 Grand Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008

In Carlsbad you won't need a car as everything is in walking distance, the beach, cycling, running, surfing, etc.
Mission Valley easy public transport.

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