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Conversational Spanish * Start Speaking Spanish Today

Take your Spanish to the next level with our engaging and amazingly effective language program.


Spanish Conversational starting at $26/hour class


Take your Spanish to the next level with our engaging and amazingly effective language program.



* You will get corrections from the teacher

* You can share your experience with other students

* You can ask questions to other students

* Great communication to make the world better


What you need:

* Think ahead of the various things you can talk about

* Bring motivation

* Don't be afraid of making mistakes, accepting errors is part of the process

* Bring laugh, love, and positive energy

Our programs offer the same benefits as in-person instruction. Our live classes allow you to communicate with students and teachers, and ask questions like any normal class!!!


We will assess your level and will let you know which group is best for you.

We want and recommend students to have some knowledge before entering a conversation group.

Please check our private and weekly Immersion classes which will take you STEP BY STEP on your journey.



CONVERSATION $29/hour Class * $116 monthly

(1 hour per class / 4 Classes per month)

Conversation for 1 hour. You will need to logout after 1 hour.

CONVERSATION + VERBS $26/hour Class * $156 monthly

(1.5 hours per class / 4 Classes per month)

You will advance very fast because you will learn

how to use Verb Tenses and much more.

Small groups 3 - 6 students per class

Monthly rate: Some months have 5 weeks, the fifth week isn't included in the rate.

Cancel anytime.

Adult students are responsible to cancel their monthly registration.

Politics and religion is not allowed to talk in groups.

Please be respectful and accept others' preferences.

No classes on: ● President’s Day, ● Memorial Day, ● Independence Day, ● Labor Day, ● Thanksgiving, ● Christmas, ● New Year’s

Pacific Time
spanish classes for adults in San Diego.
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