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Translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Editing & Proofreading Services

We offer Translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Editing and Proofreading Services for Corporate and Individual Clients.


Enterprises and individuals benefit by entrusting their work with qualified professionals that are experienced in both language and subject matter.   


We provide language solutions that help our clients meet their urgent, short term, and long terms goals. Our clients are leaders in the Health care, Insurance, Hospitality, Human Resources, Manufacturing Industries, and Defense.


Whether it’s the translation of a small labels or a complex website, our team of American Translators Association (ATA) certified translators, proofreaders and specialists in localization and desktop publishing deliver accurately and on time.


For more information contact us at Immersion@TheSpanishInstitute.Org  (760) 529-1397


All services are performed by a team of experienced translators with a solid professional background.

Our team of translators is highly experienced, skilled and educated specialist in:

  • Finance

  • Medicine 

  • Law

  • Engineering 

  • Information Technology

  • Marketing

  • Education

  • Human Resources

  • Aerospace

  • Military

  • Manufacturing




Please note: 1 hour of tape usually requires 3 hours of transcription.






Proof Reading

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