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We specialize in teaching adult students to become bilingual fast!

Our Immersion classes are the best to learn Spanish in a fun, fast, and relaxed way.

We can help students of all levels. Effective and affordable way to learn Spanish.

Join our conversation groups to improve your speaking & listening skills in Spanish in a relaxed and natural way.

Our students are expected to speak from the very first day of class.

The same as if he/she were in a Spanish speaking country!
We are the creators on developing this way of teaching!

* Teaching Spanish since 1991 *

You will get real results from experienced teachers!!!

not like some people doing education research, and market it.

Remember these classes are for students that want Immersion type of classes. You will need to speak and listen from the very first day.

Adult language learning requires small class sizes and interaction to be effective. Homework (Tarea) is giving to the students each week.

You can only attend classes that you are officially registered into. You must pre-register for all classes.
You can't sit-in on a class without the proper registration for the course.
Only for Non-consecutive 24 hour Cancellation policy, cancellation must be done by email to the teacher during business hours before scheduled class.


Our Immersion classes are to improve mainly your speaking and understanding skills, also witting and reading in Spanish in a relaxed and natural way. During the classes, you'll have an opportunity to practice conversation on various subjects of interest. The Immersion classes are fun and effective and are guided by experienced native instructors who will correct mistakes, explain grammar and usage whenever necessary and highlight essential vocabulary for effective communication in Spanish.

We use various tools in order for you to learn fast and properly, you will be guided step by step. Conversation isn't enough, we don't want you to speak with random verbs. We want other people to understand what you are saying, and also for you to understand Spanish!


Classes are so interesting that you will not only learn Spanish but also you will get to know many interesting people and talk about many interesting things.

  • Level 1 Immersive Conversation. You will learn the present, past, future tenses, and use them in conversation.
  • Level 2 Review level 1 & learn the imperfect, conditional, present perfect, pronouns and use them in conversation.

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