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We are Certified Native Professional Teachers from Spain & Latin America with Advanced Degrees & many years of experience!


We are the pioneers in the USA for introducing the Spanish Immersion for Adults!

We have been helping thousands of students become bilingual FAST!



The Spanish Institute is the real and first Spanish Institute.
The name was an inspiration from living at TheYogaInstitute.Org
India, Established in 1918.


Why Our System Works, is the Best, and so Many Copy Us?


We Have the Brains to Create.

We Have the Education to Offer.

We Are Professionals with Experience.

We Are Real Native, with Degrees from Our Native Countries.

Our Classes are Genuine & Fun! 

Why just conversation classes, duolingo, & meetup groups don't work?
ok this is a test of how I sound if I no learn conjugate verbs. last night i go to school and ask my friend if he go home yesterday and run with me tomorrow. he tell me not, he am busy and his sister are buy all day long. LOL Did you understand now?

Conjugating verbs is the most important aspect of gaining some level of fluency!!!


Our students are expected to speak from the very First Day of Class.

The same as if you were in a Spanish speaking country!


We are the creators on developing this way of teaching which enables the students to become bilingual fast!

We use conversation to improve your communication skills.

We use verbs with practical application.

You learn Spanish Fast, Properly, and have Fun.

Quality, Value and Trust!

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Intensive Immersion * Spanish Classes for Adults & Teenagers
We have the best programs to learn Spanish in a efficient, relaxed and fun way. Intensive Immersion includes Fun field trips to the beach, restaurants, cafes, shopping ... while conversing in Spanish and practicing your conjugations and pronunciation. 


Immersion Programs
Adult Professional Students * We focus on conversational Spanish for Individuals, Tourism & Travel, Medical, Teachers, Police and Fire Fighters, Business, Religious, Education, Banking, Public Relations, Lawyers, Real Estate, Social Workers, Military, Customer Service, Real State, Academic, Hotel, Retail, Secretaries, Court Staff, Dentist, Government Employees, Developers, Children, Teenagers, Exam Preparation.

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Reasons to learn Spanish:

  1. Enjoy foreign travel.

  2. Increase job and business opportunities.

  3. Secure your job.

  4. Achieve great grades.

  5. Increase sales.

  6. Get a raise.

  7. Understand & speak Spanish.

 It is estimated that the combined total of native and non-native Spanish speakers is approximately 500 million.

"Use it or lose it!"


“More American companies are looking to recruit and hire bilingual employees!”By having staff that speak Spanish, companies have been able to attract and market to the Hispanic population, one of the fastest growing markets in the world."


Did you know that San Diego's name comes from our beloved Santiago de CompostelaSaint James is the Patron Saint of Spain.
Hebrew name: Iago   Pronounce: "Yaakov".  Jacob (James in English)   Sant Iago (Saint Iago) = Santiago = San Diego.
(Santiago, Jaime, Diego, Jacobo in Spanish)

Life becomes a mockery when you pretend to be someone else.

You may trick others.

You can't trick yourself!


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