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  Immerse Yourself in Spanish while being in San Diego, California!

ur goal is to make every student bilingual fast and our purpose for teaching Spanish is to promote greater awareness and understanding of the language and culture of the Spanish speaking countries in the world.

Learn faster than anyone else
Learn at Your Own Pace

Fun Conversational Classes

Best age to learn a language
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Practice anytime anywhere

It is estimated that the combined total of native and non-native Spanish speakers is approximately 500 million.

"Use it or lose it!"

“More American companies are looking to recruit and hire bilingual employees!”By having staff that speak Spanish, companies have been able to attract and market to the Hispanic population, one of the fastest growing markets in the world."

We offer Translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Editing 

Proofreading Services for Corporate and Individuals. 

About Us

We are Certified Native Professional Instructors from Spain and Latin America with Advanced Degrees and many years of experience.

Spanish Immersion Programs sin
ce 1991
Value, Quality and Trust!

Photos and Testimonials

Reasons to learn Spanish: 

  1. Enjoy foreign travel.
  2. Increase job and business opportunities.
  3. Secure your job.
  4. Achieve great grades.
  5. Increase sales.
  6. Get a raise.
  7. Understand & speak Spanish.


Spanish Immersion

We help students become proficient in speaking, understanding, writing and reading Spanish.

Specific Programs

We focus on Conversational Spanish for Individuals, Tourism & Travel, Medical, Police and Fire Fighters, Business, Religious, Education, Banking, Public Relations, Legal & Law, Real Estate, Social Services, Customer Service.

Speak Spanish in California as if you were in a Spanish speaking country!

Did you know that San Diego's name comes from our beloved Santiago de Compostela in Spain? Saint James is the Patron Saint of Spain.
Hebrew name: Iago   
Pronounce: "Yaakov".  Jacob (James in English)   Sant Iago (Saint Iago) = Santiago = San Diego.
(Santiago, Jaime, Diego, Jacobo in Spanish)   
Click here for more information about El Camino de Santiago, also wikipedia.