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Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

Complete Immersion:
Speaking, Listening/Understanding, Reading, Writing, ... Sharing, Laughing and "Learning"

We thank all our students for being so wonderful and the best!!!

Judy Downing
"My two-week intensive at The Spanish Institute in Carlsbad went above and beyond my expectations. I feel I could write this review in Spanish now, but I want future students to read it! The instruction was individualized, flexible, and varied. Monica the professor used the hours to the max, allowed for creativity and individual purposes and needs, and encouraged us with much grace and patience. I would return for more in a heartbeat. Mil gracias!"

Roxanne Lapointe
Its been 2 months since I started to attend Monica's spanish lessons. She is an expert teacher and I like the small class size. Good conversation and good vibes but she keeps us to the point. She is patient in keeping the conversation 100% in spanish even though my vocabulary is limited. I highly recommend Monica when considering a class at the spanish institute.

Renee C
After twelve weeks of group lessons in Monica's class, my understanding and speaking of Spanish has greatly improved. She encouraged conversation and corrected misused words and phrases, including explanations about slang expressions. Her teaching style is fun and engaging and I would highly recommend the Spanish Institute for anyone who wants to learn the language.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at the Spanish Institute in Carlsbad. Both Monica and Lilly were thoughtful, intelligent and creative in their style of teaching. We found our textbooks to be helpful as well as flashcards. We hope to return for additional training.
Thank you Spanish Institute.

My wife and I had a great experience at the Spanish Institute. Our teacher was great! We highly recommend The Spanish Institute. Dave & Jacquie

I have been taking Spanish classes with Irma for 3 weeks now and I am amazed how much I have learned. She has an exceptional way of teaching and is so excited to share her knowledge with us.She makes it fun and painless to learn a new language and I couldn't of asked for a better instructor. She is patient, kind and a real joy to work with. If you want to learn from the best...go to Irma's classes!

hiba agha
I have been wanting to learn Spanish for a while now and I found the Spanish Institute in my neighborhood so thought I would give it a go. It was a fantastic experience. I had Irma and she threw us right into the Spanish speaking world. I took the six week course and I could see improvements from week to week. We had some homework to do at home and some materials for review. I highly recommend this class at the Spanish Institute if you want to start learning or improve your Spanish.

Paul Murphey
I have taken Spanish on and off over the past 10 years using a combination of self-teaching with books and CD's, immersion classes and travel in Spanish speaking countries, and most recently at the Spanish Institute in Carlsbad. I have had 2 previous instructors at the intermediate/advanced level at the institute: one focused mostly on grammar and de-emphasized conversation, and the other did the opposite. My most recent teacher, whom I have now had for 5 weekly 1.5 hour evening lessons, is Irma. Irma provides a refreshing blend of conversation, exercises in speaking and pronunciation, listening comprehension and reading, and grammar. She also adds in interesting cultural information and regional linguistic differences about the language. She mixes things up well and makes the class fun, and she is an advocate of getting students to relax and just speak the language using the tools they know, rather than memorizing words and grammar and doing endless drills in the more traditional manner of language instruction. At first I was concerned that I wasn't learning at the level of my last class, but in the past couple of sessions the pace has been picked up. Irma is a really great teacher.

I have been taking Spanish at the Spanish Institute for the past four weeks. I began in March of 2015. In general, it has been a great experience; and my teacher Irma, is very good at making the lessons fun and interesting. Given more time, I would love to join future classes. Best, Danielle Jackson-Grillo

Marina Kantarovich
After a week of Spanish Immersion at The Spanish Institute, I was able to interview for a job which required proficiency in Spanish and I got the job! I came into the week without knowing much Spanish but needing to learn for work. I thought it was a long shot that I would be able to speak well after a week, but the instructors made it a reality! The best part was that I had a wonderful time while learning. The instructors are dynamic, skilled, attuned and incredibly supportive. Their commitment to their students is well evident. My friends were shocked and impressed by how much I had improved in just a week. If you want a success story with regard to learning Spanish, go to the Spanish Institute. You can absolutely learn Spanish without leaving the country.

Joanne Del Greco
I recently completed a one-week immersion program with The Spanish Institute in Carlsbad and my entire experience was fantastic. I took a basic-level program with Monica as part of my preparation for traveling to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago and it was mi buena suerte that Monica has walked the Camino twice. Apart from that, she quickly figured out my strengths and (many) weaknesses with Spanish and skillfully adapted her vocabulary to match and stretch my level. I progressed as much in a week as in a full semester of community college classes. I’m confident that I will be able to understand and communicate the basics. In addition, Carlsbad was a wonderful setting right on the Pacific Ocean for my immersion week. Everything I needed was a short walk from my hotel, including the Institute. While my family and friends back home in Ohio were shoveling snow and battling single-digit weather, I was practicing my verb conjugations while walking along the beach.

Joel Allen
My wife and I have spent two weeks at the Spanish Institute and although it is a long haul for us (coming from Tucson) it has been a good experience. We both speak the language reasonably well but are not completely fluent and our Instructor Monica quickly honed in on our weaknesses. With drills mixed with conversation and continued study outside of class we have definitely made some progress. We hope we can make it make back for more.

Tom L.
I've been taking Spanish group classes since September 2012. Our instructor has a great way of incorporating grammar, vocabulary, and encourage conversation so that it feels fresh and fun. She is the best teacher I have ever had and I have tried several schools in San Diego. She identified the areas of my weaknesses and focused on those. Overall I would rate my experience as Superior. The instructor was the nicest teacher I ever had. She was caring and and attentive to meet each students' needs. This has been an incredible experience as I am now able to communicate in Spanish and it is a great feeling to be able to understand and help others, language used to be a barrier now is a tool. This is the best decision I have ever made in a very long time. I will be continuing to learn Spanish so if you decide to join the classes I will see you there.

Jan Elisa Mosca
To whom it may concern, " The Spanish Institute, Carlsbad, CA"
 I recently participated in the six week beginner Spanish class in Carlsbad.  Andrea B. is a creative and talented teacher and leader for this type of instruction.  The students had little or no Spanish speaking background but she was able to adapt the lessons to include participation by everyone.  Andrea has a charming personality and in conclusion, I am more motivated to continue to improve my ability to speak Spanish. The  text book used is a useful reference for basic grammar and language.
Jan Elisa Mosca

Uta Peckman
I took a one week immersion course at the Spanish Institute to improve my Spanish grammar and speaking ability. Lourdes Brewer was   my teacher.  I have taken many different courses on the internet, and also attended many meet-up groups where people wanted to 
maintain their Spanish speaking ability. Yet, I was stuck on a plateau.
 My instructor, Lourdes Brewer, was the best I have ever had. She identified the areas of my weaknesses and focused on those.  She was a very effective teacher in that she made me think and arrive at the correct answer on my own instead of just giving the answer to me.  She also has a delightful sense of humor and made the class  fun, especially  because she would discuss the phrases used by native speakers.  She has a great format as she would alternate between grammar, speaking, and comprehension exercises.
I will be going to Puerto Vallarta soon for a vacation and am excited about using the new expressions and vocabulary I have learned. I plan on taking another immersion course with Lourdes to advance more as my goal is to be fluent.
Uta Peckman

Luli Petersen
I've been taking Spanish lessons from Lourdes since October 2013. She has a great way of incorporating grammar, vocabulary, and encouraging conversation so that it feels fresh and fun. I enjoy learning all the nuances of Spanish, particularly phrases that native speakers use frequently. I would recommend Lourdes to anyone who is ready to start speaking Spanish!
Luli Petersen

Farnaz Javadian
My experience at the Spanish Institute with Lourdes has been great. I've been enjoying this course very much and gaining more enthusiasm to learn Spanish.
The course material are easy to follow, yet very efficient to learn. I will be continuing to learn Spanish with Lourdes as I advance.
I want to thank the institute and Lourdes for this great class and staff you have.
Farnaz Javadian

Shinji Katsuki
It was very good to study spanish intensively with Lourdes. I believe I established my foundation of Spanish learning skills. I set my target for Nov Spanish certificate test in Japan.
I will continue studying Spanish, I would like to travel to Spanish countries.
Shinji Katsuki

Bill Fulton
I enrolled in a two week total immersion course with Lourdes Brewer.  I had used the pimsleur Spanish program for approximately one year.  The two week course I had with Lourdes taught me more than the one year of pimsleur.  Pimsleur was great for vocabulary but would make changes with conjugation without teaching the reason.  Lourdes helped teach me the reason for changes in Spanish words and helped me learn the rules necessary to continue to successfully learn Spanish.   Lourdes helped customize a program for me based on my employment and the use of Spanish related to my occupation.  I highly recommend Lourdes and The Spanish Institute.
Thank you Lourdes and The Spanish Institute
Bill Fulton

Dear Spanish Institute,
Several months ago in April I visited my brother in San Diego.  Since I'm studying Spanish here in New York I thought I would check and see if there was a Spanish conversation class that I could take while in California.  I found the Spanish Institute on line and was fortunate to take a two hour class one day with Lourdes Brewer.  My only regret is that it was only one two hour class.

Bob A.

Lourdes wrote to me to ascertain my competency in Spanish.  I responded in my best Spanglish, I mean Spanish.  I received a response in Spanish in which Lourdes suggested some areas where we might work.  I'm a retired teacher and have to say that I was so impressed.  In the class Lourdes brought in some worksheets in areas were I needed help.  We spent much time conversing while covering the areas that were discussed.  She was incredibly organized and well-prepared and in a very non-threatening way directed the session which really was helpful to me.  We have exchanged notes in Spanish since that session and I hope that we can work together again when I'm in San Diego.
Obviously, I think she is gifted teacher.
Bob A.

Julie Stock
Here is a review of Lourdes B.
I have been attending a one and a half hour a week beginning (beg.-mid level, not total beginner) Spanish class taught by Lourdes Brewer for the past five months.  Lourdes is an excellent teacher and is patient, kind and fun to be with. 

She encourages us and compliments us, making it enjoyable and making us want to do learn more each week.  Lourdes writes down our responses, making the learning visual as well as auditory.  She individualizes instruction so each person is challenged at his/her own level.  The instruction is clear, purposeful, well laid out and planned. Best of all, Lourdes personalizes the instruction making it pertinent to our daily lives. 

Her assignments help us share, in Spanish, things that matter to us.  For example, she asks us to describe our own homes (to teach directions and names of objects), buildings in our hometowns (to work on dates and descriptions) etc.  In conversation, we learn expressions and ways to relate to others so when we travel we will be able to converse.

There is a nice blend of reading, writing, conversation using texts and technology (email, computer videos, apps etc.).  The variety of modalities help accommodate our different learning styles.

Lourdes is very nice to each of us, in the class.  She has created a warm environment for each of us to learn and progress.  I really enjoy going to the class and doing the assignments at home and am grateful to have such a good teacher.
Thank you,
Julie Stock
Also a teacher (K-6)

David Lewi
Lourdes is a great teacher.Very patient and always catches even small mistakes (pronunciations, wrong word, wrong gender etc.) and then politely corrects you. Never overly critical though.

She teaches Spanish from a worldwide prospective and does not focus on just Mexican Spanish. This is important to me as I will be traveling to South and Central America and possible Spain and I need to know/understand these nuances. She avoids “Spanglish” which is important because that is something I have been trying to eliminate from the get go. When I get to my various destinations people will be speaking “pure” Spanish and will not understand “Spanglish”. The fact that this teacher eliminates Spanglish while living this close to the U.S./Mexico border is very impressive.

Lourdes has me write down various phrases that I want to learn which is great for me and gives  a personal touch.
I highly recommended,
David Lewi
Ocean a Beach, CA


"I took  the two week immersion course at the Spanish Institute to improve my Spanish for my work. My instructor, Lourdes Brewer, was a fluent Spanish speaker who worked with me to personalize my course to ensure it met my needs. She was a very effective teacher, always taking the time to ensure that I was truly making progress every day. She has an organized and efficient teaching method in which she alternates hourly lessons between grammar subjects, vocabulary, and practicing conversational skills. Overall I was very happy with my time at the Spanish Institute, and with Lourdes' classes in particular. - Trevor"

Laura Hinchey
Hi Spanish Institute,
Just wanted to take a second and let you know how much I am enjoying working with Analhi from Mexico. She is doing a great job helping me to learn Spanish and I look forward to our sessions each week. I highly recommend her to any of your future students.
Thank you for providing such a high caliber teacher!
Laura Hinchey, Online Classes

Carol Lewis
I had a week of private lessons, four with Anamaria and one with Monica, and found that my Spanish comprehension and speaking improved tremendously. I had felt "stuck" with a very low level of fluency and I now feel like I've been jump-started into moving toward becoming truly fluent (someday!). The teaching of both of my profesoras was excellent, very individually tailored and effective. Both are wonderful people, very friendly, lively and engaging. Thanks so much for a great week of Spanish!
Carol Lewis

Mrs. Brunner
Thank you for referring one of your tutors to us. Always reliable and punctual, he worked patiently with my son on his Spanish. Not only was his knowledge of the subject matter excellent, he was able to explain concepts in a way that my son could easily grasp. I would enthusiastically recommend The Spanish Institute to anybody. Mrs. Brunner.

Mike Anderson
Very friendly tutor, very clear and patient explanations. I am very happy with the results, my son is now back on track and his grades are great. Thank you Spanish Institute. Mike Anderson.

Bruce Endres
Hola Monica,
I just wanted to let you know that my last trip to Central America was very successful. I was able to speak, read, and comprehend Spanish for the first time. It made me feel good and also made the people that I was dealing with appreciate the effort that I have been making to learn their language. I don't know it all yet, but they really did like the effort that I was making.
Thanks to you, I am learning Spanish in a comfortable environment at my own pace. I have never studied Spanish in school before so I was very apprehensive to try. I am glad that I started and I think that I have improved greatly.

Thanks again for having the patience to help me on the road to achieving my goal. I hope to be working with you until I am a qualified fluent Spanish speaker! Thanks, Bruce Endres

Marina B.
My daughter has learned a lot of reading, writing and algo spelling in Spanish. I am very pleased with her accomplishments and her desire to learn. We hope parents will let their children have the opportunity and let them spread their wings in the classroom. Marina B.

West Marrin
"Monica is a great teacher with infinite patience and a genuine sense of humor.  She has been instrumental to the improvement I have made in both speaking and understanding Spanish.  She is also a kind and caring person who has been willing to talk to me as a friend."   West Marrin

Roberto Monaco

Mi nombre es Roberto Mónaco y estoy estudiando con la maestra Mónica desde hace 5 meses, mi español ha mejorado un 300% por ciento. Ahora puedo hablar y también hacer seminarios en español. ¡El Spanish Institute es el mejor! Actualmente estoy tomando las clases vía skype y estoy aprendiendo mucho. ¡Yo recomiendo tomar clases con el Spanish Institute, es la mejor inversión que puede hacer en su vida!

I have just completed my second year at the Spanish Institute with Monica as my instructor. I began at the Institute unable to complete a full sentence in Spanish. Now I can communicate with people using 5 different tenses and have a substantial vocabulary. I have traveled 3 times to Costa Rica and Mexico and can speak with the native people about many different subjects. I speak to people in restaurants, stores, any place I see Latino people. If you want to learn Spanish and have the desire to do so, I encourage you to enroll with the Institute. The classes are very small and if you want you can have private sessions also. You can customize how you want to do it, Monica is very accommodating. el daniel

Tom W.
The Spanish Institute is a very effective and efficient translation service. We use them for all of our translations needs. No matter the dead line they are always able to get the job done. We continue to use them time after time. I would recommend them to anyone in need to this type of service! Tom W. APC Communications

Betty Ward
I love my tutor, he is very positive and very helpful. He is able to answer all of my questions and I don't struggle any more with my Spanish. The Spanish Institute holds the top tutors in San Diego, they are native speakers, certified and with credentials. The best place to learn Spanish!!!! Betty Ward. Student.

Patrick J.
Thank you for your prompt and professional service. My client and I are impressed with the speed and accuracy of the translation service you provided. Patrick J.

Linda C. and Joe W.
My husband and I are moving to Costa Rica in December and took a series of classes from Monica to make our transition a little easier.  It was a wonderful experience!  She really spends time concentrating on each student's individual needs.  Monica has been very patient with us (it has been 30 years since I had taken Spanish in college and my husband has never studied a foreign language.)  I am truly amazed at our comprehension level after 13 weeks of her superb instruction!  Granted, we're certainly not fluent, but we will be able to at least communicate our basic needs once we move.  She has given us the confidence to go forth and conduct our daily business in Spanish and the desire to make this a life-long learning adventure.  Monica, you are truly a gem!  Linda C. and Joe W., Carlsbad

Deb M.
I would like to say how impressed we were with Diane who tutored our daughter with her Spanish. Although Diane only worked with Alison for 12 weeks, her marks improved a lot and we feel that she genuinely cared about Alison reaching her goals. Thank you. Deb M. Parent.

Arlen T.
Monica is a highly skilled and disciplined teacher. She knows how to motivate her students. She's not a "clock watcher". She's generous with both her time and her concern for each individual in her class. I've recommended her to friends and will continue to do so. Arlen T. San Marcos.

Marianne H.
Please let Maria know how much I appreciated her help! She will be happy to hear Tim got an "A" in Spanish last semester. Marianne H. Parent.

I've been attending the Spanish Institute in Carlsbad for about 8 weeks now and I'm learning to speak, read and write Spanish faster than I ever thought possible. I've used Rosetta Stone and it works but it's very very slow going and it won't get your conversational unless maybe you're willing to invest a couple years. It's too slow. The class sizes are small, the instructor is patient and fun and the teaching methods are engaging and fun. I took two years of Spanish in High School and we never learned as much in two years as I've learned in two months. The best is yet to come, it's totally affordable. If you're even considering learning Spanish then I highly recommend you give TSI a call. Try and get Monica as your instructor, she's a great teacher. Go check out a class for free and see if it's for you, that's what I did.

James B.
Thank you for all your help with our Spanish translation project. It's so nice to work with a professional and competent organization. We appreciate your friendliness as well, and that any concerns we had were addressed promptly and completely. We look forward to future collaboration with you. James B. Production Manager.

Susan D.
My daughter's tutor was absolutely excellent. She recognized the issues and addressed each one. My daughter's confidence and interest in Spanish has improved significantly. She really enjoyed and looked forward to her tutoring sessions. Thank you, thank you! Susan D. Parent.

Nancy Hoover
I have been in Monica's conversation class for 5 months. Prior to that I had not practiced any Spanish for over 2 years and was nervous about the prospect of speaking in front of others. These classes have been quite a boom for my self confidence as Monica makes the experience not only instructional but very relaxing and supportive. It is also wonderful to converse with other students. She is an excellent teacher and human being! Nancy Hoover, Rancho Bernardo

Vicky A.
I would like to let you know how delighted we are with one of your tutors. She has restored my daughter's confidence. Thank you. Vicky A., Parent.

Mr. & Mrs. King
We would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful tutor to help our son with his Spanish. We have now achieved the levels required by our son through her skilled coaching, we therefore would like to let you know that we will not longer require her services. Thank you once again for finding such a pleasant and helpful person for us. Mr. & Mrs. King. Parents.

Jenna T.
Ana is an excellent tutor, very knowledgeable and patient with my son Tom. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Ana. Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely helpful. Jenna T. Parent.

Kelly C.
Excellent Spanish classes and I will recommend it to friends. It helped me in speaking, writing and understanding Spanish. The teacher is great, responsive, patient and very flexible. I have learned so much Spanish since I started. The lessons were diverse and interesting and she explained grammar in a way that made it very easy for us to understand. Kelly C., Doctor, Encinitas

Andrew Stevenson
I have tried Rossetta Stone, tapes, online programs but nothing compares with The Spanish Institute. If you want to learn Spanish fast and with confidence this is the place!  Thank you Monica for all your wise words! Andrew Stevenson, Professor and Counselor, RSF.

Lisa A.
The educational experience exceeded my expectations; my classes were small and the teacher outstanding. Thanks Monica for arranging this wonderful experience for us. I will be coming back and you will certainly hear from me again. Lisa A. Director of Marketing. La Jolla

Steven R.
Yes, I passed the exam! Mario is an excellent (very patient) tutor. He is very enthusiastic and punctual. His tutoring helped me immensely. Steven R. Student.

Richard Jones
Overall I would rate my experience as Superior. The instructor was the nicest teacher I ever had. She was very caring and attentive to meet each of the student's needs.  This has been an incredible experience as I am now able to communicate with my patients and it is a great feeling to be able to help others, language used to be a barrier now is a tool. This is the best decision I have ever made in a very long time. The Spanish Institute is the best!!!! Richard Jones, Doctor, La Jolla

Surf Kauai
I have been attending a conversation class at TSI on and off for several years and have found it has improved my Spanish conversational skills and given me the opportunity to meet other interesting students. The instructor in Carlsbad is excellent!

My daughter's tutor is excellent, she is very patient, helpful, and encouraging. My daughter's grades are now "A"s. This has been the greatest decision, she is now so confident and happy and I am very happy with her progress. Lisa.

Veronica R.
I absolutely loved this place and overall language experience. The classes were lively, and my teacher was amazing. Always willing to help at whatever cost! It was the first time I actually enjoyed learning Spanish. I encourage everyone thinking about learning Spanish. I would do this again in a second. I am now traveling to Puerto Rico and I am feeling very confident and able to communicate in Spanish. Thank you Spanish Institute, you have changed my life, now I am looking forward this experience and I am not longer afraid of traveling abroad! Veronica R. Vista.

Paul B.
I've learned more in the past 2 months than in 2 years of college Spanish. The teacher is excellent, very patient, great energy, and adjusting well to the different abilities of the students. Paul B. student, Del Mar

Mark G.
Since I started I learned tremendous amount and had a lot of fun. Overall I think this program is superior by far than others. I can't wait for my next Spanish class! Mark G. Business owner, Carlsbad

Alice R.
Monica is an excellent Spanish teacher. She is fluent in English, and has a comprehensive knowledge of both the grammatical structure and day-to-day details of the language. She has obviously had a lot of experience at teaching people Spanish and obviously enjoys it herself. Alice R. Business owner, Carlsbad

Nora H.
My teacher is very flexible in structuring the lessons to my requirements, providing relevant homework in order that the 2 hours spent with her is as productive as possible. She is a very patient, helpful, she makes the lessons fun and tailors them to my learning needs. I know I have improved a lot through the exercises she assigns and through Spanish articles we have read and discussed together. She is keen on correct pronunciation and doesn't let me get sloppy or develop bad habits. Thank you very much. Nora H., Oceanside

Emily B.
I really feel like I learned an incredible amount in the last month. The teacher is very friendly and makes me feel very comfortable in the class. The other two students are very friendly and I feel very happy and enjoying every minute. I'd recommend it to anyone who takes Spanish language acquisition seriously and wants to learn in a comfortable atmosphere. Emily B. Teacher, San Diego

Kathleen R.
This is a terrific learning experience, the teacher is native and real nice. Before I started I was self conscious about saying anything in Spanish and my vocabulary was limited. The conversation class pushed me to speak and the teacher correct my grammar when I need it, I am learning a lot and very quickly. Kathleen R. Nurse, Oceanside

Tom F.
The teacher is very smart and competent. I really enjoy my class and feel I've come a long way. My conversation went from 0 to being able to express myself. I've acquired great confidence. Thank you. Mary S. Architect, Poway
Wow!  There is not much room for improvement when speaking specifically about the class with Diane.  I think it was stellar.  If you offered the same class, 3 days a week like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I would be there.  Please consider that. I think The Spanish Institute is the best Spanish Language Institute in San Diego.
 My class with Diane and my experience when calling the school was nothing less than stellar.  Please contact me if you opt to offer a 3 days/week format.  I can't do the 4 nights/ week, it is just too much. Tom F.

Tom White
Wonderful tutor.  He is helping me target exactly what needs improvement in my Spanish skills (criminal law vocabulary and prepositions).  I have already been able to use the criminal law vocabulary at my work many times, and being able to communicate with our clients in their native language is helping me gain their trust and rapport. He has also assigned me reading from Marquez and others, and reading that beautiful Spanish is helping to extend my vocabulary beyond the legal terms I am focusing on. He helps me practice translating police reports, and has a good ear for how to make certain legal concepts most comprehensible to Spanish speakers. Sincerely, Tom White

Spanish classes with my teacher not only help me improve my Spanish skills tremendously, but are also fun and enjoyable.  She is vivacious, enthusiastic, and she genuinely cares about her students' progress. In addition to reinforcing areas of strength, she helps pinpoint problems and weaknesses, and then works with you to correct and strengthen those weaker areas, which allows for rapid and efficient  progress.  She is a native Spanish speaker who teaches excellent spoken Spanish in a 'real world' conversational context, but she also has extensive knowledge of professional terminology to help prepare students for special professional contexts, such as medical, business, and legal settings.  To anyone seeking to improve their Spanish skills, I would recommend her classes without hesitation.  Regards, Julie

Benedicte K.
Thank you for your email. I really liked the class. The book is clear and useful, and not too expensive. Diane was able to tailor to our study style and our needs. Class time was more focused and more intensive, and I loved to come home thinking about all the new words and rules we had covered. I always felt free and happy to ask questions; I found Diane to be approachable, enthusiastic about Spanish teaching, and inspiring on top of being very nice. Benedicte K.

Uta P.

I had a wonderful experience with my Spanish immersion class and with the teacher Diane. 
I intend on signing up for more lessons in a few weeks. Maybe this time, I will try a few privates in addition to a group. Uta P.

Dr. John Impellizeri
Administration, The Spanish Institute: I recently completed 10 beginner Spanish lessons with Diane Kemp through the Spanish Institute.  Over-all, I had a wonderful learning experience. The classes were small, well-structured and Diane made the process of learning feel very natural.  She constantly challenged me to improve my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and provided guidance every step of the way with her warm, enthusiastic style.
I hope to take additional Spanish lessons in September or October through the Spanish Institute. While I am sad that Diane will be leaving to work in Madrid, I wish her the best and know that she will be an asset to her new program.  Sincerely, Dr. John Impellizeri, Internal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente.