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In-Home Children Spanish Immersion Classes

 # Classes
1 Student2 Students3 Students4 StudentsREGISTER
1 hour class

3 classes 1 hour each
5 classes 1 hour each
10 classes 1 hour each
10 classes 1.5 hours each

Mission Valley and Carlsbad

6 Week Immersion Course

Once per per week for one hour each

LEVEL   All ages
1 Student2 Students3 Students4 StudentsREGISTER

When registering please choose starting date, register at least one week before class.
 Spanish Immersion Classes for Children
Ongoing classes all year round in San Diego

We specialize in teaching children and teenagers to become bilingual! Our classes are the best to learn Spanish in a fun and effective way.
We are native professional teachers and experts in providing creative classes. Our success has been on making our students bilingual in a sort period of time. Students will converse from the first day of class as if they were in a Spanish speaking country while being in San Diego.

1. Our methodology for teaching Spanish is Immersion type of classes, students practice as if they were in a Spanish speaking country.
2. In-home tutoring enables students to have faster progress since is just one to four students at a time, in comparison with the traditional school system with thirty students per class.

3. Certified Native Professional Instructors with advanced degrees.

4. You can organize classes with the instructor whenever you want.

Did you know that learning a second language boosts a child's brain power?

Beyond the obvious benefits of knowing a second language, children who study a second language score higher on verbal standard tests conducted in English. Language students also perform better in math and logic skills than children with just one language.

A) Once per week: Mission Valley or Carlsbad. For the classes you can choose when is most convenient for you (children all ages).
B) Intensive Immersion Courses: Mission Valley or Carlsbad, 3 or 4 hrs per day for One or Two weeks (children all ages).
C) In-home Spanish classes:
Let us know when you want the classes. The teacher will travel to your location (children all ages).

Student can choose the days & times, please confirm information when registering. Register at least 7 days before class.
No registration fee.