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Who can take it?

Any person who is citizen of a country where Spanish is not the official language.

Citizens from Spanish speaking countries living in other countries where Spanish is not the official language, may register to take the DELE’s if they fulfill at least two of the following requirements (and can declare it in a written document):

Spanish is not the mother tongue of any of his/her parents. 

Spanish is not the first language that he/she learned. 

Spanish is not the habitual language used for communicating. 

He/She has not studied Spanish in the total or part of his/her primary or secondary education.


How many parts is the test divided in?

It is divided in five parts. Candidates must pass all parts on the same examination date.

Part 1: Reading Comprehension

Part 2: Written paper

Part 3: Listening Comprehension

Part 4: Grammar and vocabulary

Part 5: Oral exam


Can I take any level?

Yes, you can. You don´t need to have a lower certificate to take the higher one.


How soon will I receive my certificate?

You will receive it few months after you take the test. The certificate will be sent to your permanent physical address.



Nivel Inicial TEST: $125

Nivel Intermedio TEST: $147 

Nivel Superior TEST: $169 

New registration dates for DELE

You can visit


Instituto Cervantes
National Hispanic Cultural Center; 1701 4th Street SW; Albuquerque NM 87102
Sr. D. Joaquín Garrido Medina
Telephone:               1-505-724 4777       
Fax:1-505-246 2613

Boca Ratón
Lynn University
3601 North Military Trail; Boca Ratón FL 33431
Sra. Dª. Graciela Helguero
Telephone:               1-561-237 7205       
Fax:1-561-237 7216

University of Massachusetts at Boston
Dept. of Hispanic Studies; 100 Morrissey Blvd.; Boston MA 02125
Sr. D. Jacobo Gutiérrez
Telephone:               1-617-287 7550       
Fax:1-617-287 7565

Instituto Cervantes
John Hancock Center; 875 North Michigan Ave.; Suite 2940; Chicago IL 60611
Sr. D. Francisco Moreno Fernández
Telephone:               1-312-335 1996       
Fax:1-312-587 1992

Downingtown Middle School
115 Rock Raymon Rd.; Downingtown PA 19335
Sra. Dª. Elsa N. de McGladdery
Telephone:               1-610-518 0685         (ext. 2134)
Fax:1-610-518 0726

Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis
Dept. of World Languages; 425 University Blvd.; Indianapolis IN 46202
Sra. Dª. Marta Antón
Telephone:               1-317-274 0421       
Fax:1-317-278 7375

Los Ángeles
Agregaduría de Educación
6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 830; Los Angeles CA 90048
Sr. D. Antonio J. Goñi
Telephone:               1-323-852 6997       
Fax:1-323-852 0759

Agregaduría de Educación
2655 Le Jeune Rd., Suite 1008; Coral Gables FL 33134
Sr. D. Pablo Mateu García
Telephone:               1-305-448 2146       
Fax:1-305-445 0508

University of Montana
32 Campus Dr.; Missoula MT 59812
Sra. Dª. Brisa Teutli
Telephone:               1-406-243 4004       
Fax:1-406-243 4076

Nueva York
211-215 East 49th St.; Nueva York NY 10017
211-215 East 49th St.; Nueva York NY 10017
Sr. D. Antonio Muñoz Molina
Telephone:               1-212-308 7720       
Fax:1-212-308 7721

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dept. of Foreign Languages; 6001 Dodge St.; Omaha NE 68182
Sra. Dª. Elvira García
Telephone:               1-402-554 4841       
Fax:1-402-554 3296

Salem State College
Dept. of Foreign Languages; 352 Lafayette St.; Salem MA 01970
Sra. Dª. Fátima Serra
Telephone:               1-978-542 6804         / 6258
Fax:1-978-542 2068

San Francisco
Oficina de Educación
1405 Sutter St.; San Francisco CA 94109
Sr. D. Pascual Marteles López
Telephone:               1-415-922 2038       
Fax:1-415-931 9706 /

University of Washington
Center for Spanish Studies; Paddleford B-202C; Box 354360; Seattle, WA 98195
Sra. Dª. Paloma Borreguero / Sra. Dª. Josefa Báez Ramos
Telephone:               1-206-221 6571       
Fax:1-206-685 7054 /

Embajada de España - Consejería de Educación
2375 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; Washington DC 20037
Sra. Dª. Carmen Velasco
Telephone:               1-202-728 2335       
Fax:1-202-728 2313